Hello and Welcome to World Class Certification Services™!

A brand new and completely different way of setting the standard in Luxury Travel, WCCS is a third-party, unbiased verification of quality. Using our proprietary inspection system, developed over years of research and personal travel experience, we are dedicated to taking the guess work out of finding luxury hotels and resorts. We are the only company in the industry offering genuine certification. We don’t want to sell ad space, or memberships. We don’t print magazines or guidebooks. Our sole objective is to offer top-tier, high-end owners and operators the opportunity to distinguish themselves as being the best of the best, as being World Class.

With no standard across the globe, luxury can mean many different things, but when you book a stay at a hotel or resort that has earned World Class Certification, no matter if you are in Germany or Fiji, you will be confident in knowing that the level of luxury will be the same.

It’s not World Class until it’s been World Class Certified™