The time available to a hotelier is extremely limited and expensive. As such, I would like to thank you for investing a few minutes to learn more about us and learn why World Class Certification™ matters to you. It is my strong conviction that at one point in the very near future, you may find yourself at a significant disadvantage if you let this opportunity pass you by and in the following few paragraphs, I’d like to tell you why.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Deina Elliott; Executive Director, a food and beverage cognoscente, a customer service authority with a career spanning over 23 years, and a hospitality entrepreneur. Created and founded by Mr. Kevin Moll in 2008, a 37-year veteran of the hospitality industry, Kevin spent nearly 10 years researching and developing the industries top certification program. You may know Kevin Moll as the founder of the global brand, Mystery Shoppers™ which he started in 1989 and is the Founder and CEO of National Restaurant Consultants®, Inc. In early 2017 my business partner and I collaborated with Kevin and eventually purchased World Class Certification Services™. We see and understand the need for a worldwide standard of luxury, a way for the best of the best to finally be fairly and objectively recognized.

Almost every hotel executive agrees that a lack of uniform, worldwide, ranking standards creates problems for the hotel and resort owner/operator. As an executive of the industry, you know that the various rating systems have resulted in an outdated game of confusion for the guest and high stakes frustration for the operator. In fact, the former UK Tourism Minister, Mr. John Penrose, said that their current rating system is, “Too often unreliable and unfair.” Furthering confusion, one reviewer’s five-star resort is another reviewer’s three-star and who knows what the difference is between a luxury hotel and a classic heritage hotel? I’ve even had disagreements about how many five-star hotels actually exist in our home city of Denver.

Here are four of my biggest reasons for encouraging you to consider earning World Class Certification™ for your hotel or resort.

  1. We found that India actually allows an operator who is opening a new hotel to purchase a five-year term, five-star rating which is issued as soon as the property becomes operational, even if all of the new rooms are not ready. Simply complete the application form, get local approvals, submit the application fee of $336.00 (USD) and a top rating is granted, despite the fact that there is no operating history from which to base this rating upon.


  1. In France, industry observers seem to agree with the government’s claim that France’s 17,487 rated hotels are in need of a new system saying that, “There is a real gap between French and foreign standards” and a noted consultant recently added, “The current hotel industry classification dating back to 1986 is dead”.


  1. According to China’s Tourism Development Forecast, there are 15,000 star-rated hotels and amazingly, 9.9% of them (1485) are rated as five-stars, making it impossible for the truly top-tier properties to stand out or otherwise differentiate themselves. Similarly, a rating of three stars (or diamonds) in one country may be equivalent to a five-star rating in another. Belgium, China, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, India, Brazil and many others have voluntary and/or compulsory rating systems with varying and inconsistent standards that do not accurately compare similarly ranked or rated properties.


  1. The Internet creates another issue for the hotel and resort operator. According to American Express™, almost one out of three (27.93%) survey respondents said that they did not find online reviews to be accurate. Consider private industry ratings such as diamonds, stars or pearls, then add industry bloggers, magazines, review forums, and web site commentary, and ranking confusion abounds with literally hundreds of ways for your property to be positively or negatively impacted.


For less than you might think, you can earn World Class Certification™ for your property. You will receive professional, consistent, worldwide, third-party verification of quality. World Class Certification™ is for top-tier operators who understand how important it is to be formally recognized and certified as being the best. This certification enables your high-end hotel or resort to uniquely promote and accentuate your unique brand to a receptive worldwide audience. In fact, once earned, WCCS™ will engage in an extensive 60-day marketing plan for your property which we have outlined below.

Considering the above, I would ask, “What are you currently doing to protect and/or enhance your brand?” If a top diamond, star or score rating is important to your business, World Class Certification™ will validate your high rating, provide additional integrity to your brand and position your property at the top in your market.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time. You may immediately submit your property for consideration using the, “Apply” page on our web site. I will personally review your application and provide full program specifics.


Deina Elliott