World Class Certification™ distinguishes your property from competition and firmly positions it at the top. As the exclusive issuer of World Class Certification™, we provide our clients the opportunity to be fairly and equitably measured against world class standards in a transparent, accountable, and non-biased manner. Luxury operators earn genuine, World Class Certification™ via a professional, on-site inspection by a highly trained inspector.

We do not rank or rate hotels and resorts, rather, we certify them as being the best in the world. If you own or manage one or more highly regarded hotels or resorts (including boutique properties, city hotels, tented camps, grand palaces and historic properties), World Class Certification™ is designed to bring focused attention and additional revenue to your business.

Q. Why is World Class Certification™ important?
A. World Class Certification™ distinguishes your property from competition and firmly positions it at the top in your market. No other rating or ranking is capable of defining your business as being world class or World Class Certified™.

Q. How about my current star or diamond rating?
A. For the last 30+ years, the traditional star and diamond ratings have served all of us in the industry well. However, this is rapidly changing. In India for example, a business owner today can purchase a five-star rating without the new property even being open. In the United Kingdom, the former Tourism Minister, Mr. John Penrose recently said that their current rating system is, “too often unreliable and unfair.” And in Belgium, China, Italy, Spain, Brazil and many others, the government controlled compulsory rating systems have varying standards that do not accurately gauge comparable properties. One reviewer’s five-star resort is another reviewer’s three-star and what is the difference between a five-star hotel and a, “Classic Heritage” hotel? With these variances, how can your guests reliably know that your property is the best? It is for these reasons that World Class Certification™ is more important now than ever before. By earning World Class Certification™, you can prove to your guests (and travel professionals) that your property is truly exceptional.

Q. What is the cost of obtaining World Class Certification™?
A. The cost is dependent on the size and location of your business. After you apply via our web site, we will provide you with a customized proposal that will outline the exact cost and all of the program details. Affordable for properties of all sizes, we are confident that you will find World Class Certification™ is an investment that quickly pays for itself.

Q. If a hotel or resort does not pass the on-site inspection, is the fee refunded?
A. If the business does not pass inspection, the unpaid balance of the fee is not due or payable.

Q. How does the inspection process work?
A. After we receive the signed agreement back from you, an inspection of your property is scheduled within 30 — 45 days. The inspector will act as a guest during the inspection which generally takes about four nights and five days. Immediately after the inspection has been completed, the General Manager and the Inspector will review the results together. Should the property pass the inspection, the General Manager will be notified that the property has earned World Class Certification™ and the worldwide media release will be presented to the General Manager for approval prior to global distribution. The beautiful crystal, World Class Certified Award™ and wall plaque are then ordered and delivered to your property in approximately 60-90 days.

Q. How long is the certification valid?
A. For two full years. After that, the property is re-inspected for another two year period at a discounted fee.

Q. If an establishment does not pass the inspection, will anyone know?
A. No. Several additional opportunities are available for re-inspection of a property that does not pass the initial inspection.

Q. How do I find out all of the details of the World Class Certification Program?
A. Simply complete the easy application form on our web site. There is no cost or obligation to apply. We will send you a complete proposal with all details.

Q. What forms of payment are accepted?
A. Company check, bank wire and all major credit cards. Convenient payment terms are available which makes World Class Certification™ affordable for properties of all size, anywhere in the world.

Q. What amenities are required in order for a property to qualify for World Class Certification?
A. The inspector will use a 386 question inspection form which will focus on all (front of house) areas of the property including facilities, upkeep, product quality, service, and many other attributes. Generally speaking, if a hotel or resort is an exemplary, “Five-star” caliber property with an outstanding reputation and service, the chances are very good that it may pass the inspection. Excluding historical, boutique, or unique properties, the basic minimum requirements include: well maintained facilities, fully equipped fitness facility, pool, high-end dinner restaurant, 24-hour room service and extraordinary service in both the lodging and dining facilities. If your property enjoys a top reputation, serves outstanding cuisine and offers exceptional service in a beautiful facility, your hotel or resort may qualify for World Class Certification™.