4th Generation Colorado Native, adventure junkie, loves nature, music and cats. Customer service aficionado, movie quote genius, business coaching ninja.

Favorite Movie: Tombstone
Last book you read: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
Favorite Travel Spot: Canada. The people are super friendly and the fishing is excellent!


Pug-lover, avid reader, covered in Wanderlust-Dust, Food and Beverage entrepreneur, life-long student, a mermaid without a tail.

Favorite Book: Some Nerve: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave by: Patty Chang Anker
Favorite Dessert: Banana Crème Brulee
Favorite Travel Spot: Prague. The architecture is stunning!

In a tiny bathroom at the Nadi airport in Fiji is where the story really begins. As I washed my hands another passenger from our flight asked us where we were staying during our visit. When I told the stranger the name of our resort, she actually laughed and said “Oh, that place is so over-rated. Not worth the money at all”. I was instantly worried that my years of travel experience, my gut instinct, and the travel agent I used where somehow all wrong. When we arrived at the resort, I was relieved to find that I had not made a mistake. The resort was everything it promised it would be and we were very pleased with our stay. However, it got us both thinking—how were the opinions of others impacting the travel industry? We started doing massive research on the different avenues of how hotels and resorts get their Stars or Diamonds or win various awards. What we found surprised us, but nothing more so than learning that there was no global standard when it came to these kinds of accolades.

When we discovered World Class Certification Services, we knew there was an opportunity to really change and improve things. That is our main goal, to improve the travel experience for everyone. To set a standard that has never been set before.

We officially launched WCCS in June of 2017 and are very excited to see the positive impact we hope to bring to travel and hospitality.